Well there are a lot of options out there for sharing content. There’s of course the social media outlets and then the standard blogging frameworks such as blogger, tumblr, and wordpress. A lot of people use Wordpress, and I thought about it, but after reading about all the security issues and problems with PHP, I decided to stay away from it. Also, I am kind of a minimalist and I like things to be as text-based as possible (true to the unix Gods).

There’s a site called StaticGen that lists all the different website Static Generators and their github popularily, which helped me make my decision. I originally was going to use Pelican because it’s python-based, but ultimately decided to go with Jekyll becuase that’s what Github pages use to host content, and I <3 Github. Also - it’s popularity means more updates and more support, which is good since I’m new at this.

I started off using Poole and Hyde but then realized that these were just custom themes on top of Jekyll. So I am instead just starting with the bare bones Jekyll build. I like to start off simple, and then build from there.